Studies of Usage, attitudes, and awareness enable marketers to quantify levels and trends in consumer knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, and behaviors (both actual and intended) of a particular product. It gives immense insights on consumption trends and market patterns. It is particularly important in cases of FMCG products where users are exposed to various brands.  U&A research helps brands understand how behavior and usage changes by brand and the motivating factors to purchase a particular brand.


The Challenge

Client, who is a leading manufacturer of infant formula and cereals wanted to understand the following with regards to usage and attitude

  1. Consumption habits of various baby food products and reasons for not using the same
  2. Brand awareness and usage
  3. Recommendation
  4. Perception of various brands
  5. Ranking of various brands based on the product characteristics

Further, the client wanted to understand the price sensitivity of these products or how much are the prospective customers willing to pay for these.


The Approach

The project consisted of two stakeholder groups, the doctors who are prescribing the products and the mothers who purchase it for their kids. The project also employed price sensitivity analysis using Westendorp PSM model. Quantitative methodology was used to identify the usage and attitude among the target audience


Client Impact

The client gained insights on the perception, awareness, usage & attitude and brand attributes. Challenges in reaching the product to the target audience and reasons for acceptance were also dug in deeper. Further, the preferred pricing points to purchase these products also were identified. It also gathered a clear picture of the brand’s position in the market and what factors the consumers valued.