Understanding the media consumption habits of the target customer group is very important for marketers to use the platforms in a cost-effective manner. Media consumption and awareness research also help brands understand the channels which their customers use most often. This also assists in defining and segmenting the people based on what television programs they watch, social platforms they use, radio they listen to and magazines/newspapers they read. Ultimately, it helps brands and media planners to create targeted and comprehensive media campaigns.

The Challenge

A leading telecom operator in Sudan wanted to understand the media consumption habits of the general public to develop more targeted media campaigns. They also wanted to understand

  1. The channels they consume on Television and Radio
  2. Magazines & Newspaper Read
  3. Social media platforms used
  4. When, where and how much time do they spend on these media channels
The Approach

Consulsat conducted a full-scale media research survey in Khartoum and Upcountry regions. The questionnaire covered all the mass media platforms including TV, Radio, newspapers, Internet, Social Media etc. Research information areas included media usage, consumption habits, preference & favorites, reason for not following etc.

Client Impact

Client was able to get a complete understanding of the media consumption across the country. It helped them tailor the marketing campaigns to have a much better reach among their target audience.