Attitude & Usage researches helps brand by providing a detailed understanding of a target market and its consumers. This helps them to position and market their products in the most appealing manner. Further, understanding practices and rituals of people’s everyday entertainment media consumption in the digital age is unavoidable for the brands who are planning to launch new products. When it is testing out a product which is already developed or planning to develop a concept further, a product concept testing and understanding the usage and attitude is unavoidable.

The Challenge

Client, who is a major telecom operator in Sudan wanted to introduce data enabled products like Pay TV, CCTV and Smart Home products. Before launching these products in the market, they wanted to understand the consumer lifestyle & habits, and the media preferences. The detailed business objectives also included understanding perceptions and interest towards the products in consideration. A 360 degree customer understanding was important to develop the concept further, price and market the product to target customer group in the most effective manner.

The Approach

Qualitative research was engaged with men and women of different age groups. The discussion guide focussed on

  • Consumer general habits and attitudes including their hobbies, interests etc
  • Media habits and Television habits in particular with channel viewerships
  • Pay TV usage and attitude
  • Concept testing of data connection
  • Concept testing of CCTV and Smart Home products
Client Impact

Client was able to understand that their target customer group much better and got detailed insights on the perception of various concepts. Further, the research gave them insights on the products which are a “must have” and which are “good to have”. It also explored and provided feedback on how they would potentially used the concept product once launched.