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Customer research which plays a key role in the success of top companies, is a complex process of collecting data regarding the customers’ preferences, attitude, wishes, and pains.  Customer research helps businesses understand customer psychology and create a detailed purchasing behavior profiles and customer segments.



The ultimate goal of consumer research is to serve as the voice of the consumer. It is often considered is an invaluable business tool that help brands understand theirs customers and what makes them tick. It looks at the driving forces behind customer behavior, consumer psychology and their purchase patterns. Customer research focus on understanding the consumer as a person and providing the brands with relevant, actionable and accurate information about their target buyers.

Our expertise in customer research helps brands in


Created more targeted marketing campaigns.


Understanding customer purchase behaviour and attitude.


At Consulsat, we help our clients with consumer behaviour, usage & attitude, purchase journey, brand & media awareness, satisfaction & loyalty understanding of their target audience. We work with our clients to develop a customer focused culture


Measuring customer satisfaction is vital to understanding the wellbeing of your customer relationships. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Loyalty, Net Promoter score (NPS) are the most important metrics that have been used to understand the relationship between the company and the customer. We have helped our clients improve their customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and recommendations.

Further the research helps in :

  1. Understand the problems/pain points in the customer relationship
  2. Analyse and evaluate customer relationships
  3. Need gaps in the product/service delivery
  4. Discover new ideas for product/services


The usage and attitude studies primarily deals with understanding how a potential target customer group use a particular product or service, the purchase motivation factors, purchase drives, purchase process etc. U&A research helps brands understand what factors help them capture the market share and also segment the consumers. Based on the research and business objectives, qualitative or quantitative research can be adopted.

Further the research helps in :

  1. Understanding why and how does the target group use a particular product or a brand.
  2. Different patterns of usage
  3. Purchase decision making and process
  4. Brand Perception


Brand awareness research refers to measuring the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognise a brand. While Media research segments the people based on what television programs they watch, radio they listen and magazines they read etc. Brand research helps in measuring the brand equity, which is most important parameter with respect to a particular brand. It relates to what the brand means to target customer group and how they associate with the brand.

Further the research helps in :

  1. Measuring the brand equity parameters
  2. Brand image, Brand awareness, perception and values associated
  3. Understanding the most effective channels for marketing
  4. Measuring the advertisement and marketing effectiveness.
  5. Identify the brands and celebrities followed


Customer Segmentation is a used to categorize customers into groups based on certain parameters such as age, interests, behavior, geography, etc. This helps marketers identify and target their potential customer groups in a much effective manner for their marketing campaigns. Consulsat has helped leading brands across various industry verticals with Psychographic, Demographic and Behavioral Segmentation.

Further the research helps in :

  1. Developing customer profiles and personas
  2. Discovering their needs
  3. Targeted marketing communication
  4. Revealing customer experience